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Medium: Chalk pastel
Surface: Silk-screened matt board
Dates: Created from 2014 - 2019

Details: These works represent both plein air, when weather and circumstances permit, and larger formats drawn in my studio from field sketches and digital photography.

In the Hills, diptych 22%22 x 56%22 .jpg
Anchor 1 landscape page
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Evening Light on the Bay_edited_edited.jpg
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*alhambra valley cloud story p91.jpg
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Anchor 5 landscape page
Anchor 6 landscape page
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**five foot three inthe forest-F1 14%22
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Jean Sanchirico, Morning Light on Forest
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Marin Wetlands (131)_edited.jpg
Finding Color in Light (121)_edited_edited.jpg
Morning Light in Tilden_edited_edited.jpg
Evening Glow in Summer_edited_edited.jpg
Gallinas Creek Wetlands.jpg
Alpine Glow on Seven Gables.jpg
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