Medium: Chalk pastel
Surface: Silk-screened mat board
Dates: Created 2019 - present

Details: The pieces in this collection were completed within the last year. Most were started as plein-air and then completed in my Berkeley studio. The stunning landscapes of the
San Francisco Bay Area are my inspiration.

Evening Light on the Bay_edited.jpg
Fog Lifting on Tomlaes Bay_edited.jpg
Finding Color in Light (121)_edited_edited.jpg
Sun Down on Tam_edited.jpg
Alpine Glow on Seven Gables.jpg
Hiking in Crockett 2_edited.jpg
Mt Tam From Afar_edited.jpg

Mt Tam From Afar, 2021, chalk pastel, 10in. x 28in. 

Tomales Bay Grasses I_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Tomales Bay Grasses II_edited_edited.jpg

Tomales Bay Grasses I & II, 2021, chalk pastel, 12in. x 12in. 

Morning Colors 10_ x 28__edited_edited.jpg

Morning Colors, 2021, chalk pastel, 10in. x 28in.  SOLD